1 – General provisions

1-1 The International Pharmaceutical Forum – FPI MARRAKESH 2019

The FPI MARRAKESH 2019 Organizing Committee is headquartered in Casablanca.

1-2 Acceptance

The participant declares to have read the General Conditions of Sale before placing an order and to have accepted them without reserve.

1-3 Object

Contractual provisions.

1-4 Contractual Provisions

The nullity of a contractual clause of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not invalidate the entirety of these presents.

1-5 Modification of the general conditions of sale

The organizing committee of the FPI Marrakesh 2019 reserves the right to modify the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. The applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale are those in force on the date of the order placed by the Participant.

2 – Orders

2-1 Finality of the order

Orders placed on the Website www.fpimarrakech2019.com are worth firm and final commitment, and after confirmation of said order by www.fpimarrakech2019.com by email to the email address provided by the participant.

2-2 Changing the order

Orders being final and irrevocable, any request for modification made by the participant is subject to acceptance by the Organizing Committee of FPI Marrakesh 2019.

2-3 Validity of the order

The organizing committee of the FPI Marrakesh 2019 reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons.

3 – The participation prize

The price is expressed in euros and dhs. The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price, expressed in all taxes included; Payment can be made with an international or Moroccan bank card.

4 – Cancellation, Refund, Use

No refunds will be made beyond 30 days after the date the event was scheduled. During the check in at the entrance of the place of the event, a piece of identity, with photo, in validity can be requested to you and it will have to correspond to the name inscribed on the ticket.

5 – Deposit of the value of the voucher

5-1 Requirement

The deposit of the value of the Ticket is made to the order, once it has been confirmed by www.fpimarrakech2019.com

5-2 Means of payment

The participant payment method: By credit cards:
The Organizing Committee of the FPI MARRAKESH 2019 accepts moroccan and international bank cards on its website www.fpimarrakech2019.com Payment is made via CMI platform.
This solution is certified and 100% secure.

6 – Dispute Resolution, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

6-1 Complaint

Any complaint must be addressed to the consumer service of www.fpimarrakech2019.com

Contact us on fpimarrakech2019@gmail.com

6-2 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The General Conditions of Marketing are governed by Moroccan law. Any dispute relating to the order or these General Conditions of Sale will be submitted to the competent court.

7 – Information technology and freedoms

The information collected on the website www.fpimarrakech2019.com is processed to ensure the processing of the reservation of the Buyer, as well as to strengthen and personalize the communication including by letters / e-mails information, and finally to personalize the Website according to the preferences of the Purchasers.
The personal data communicated by the Buyer are intended for www.fpimarrakech2019.com as well as the organizing committee of FPI MARRAKESH 2019. They undertake to respect the confidentiality of this personal data and not to
communicate to any third party .
When booking, the Buyer may accept from www.fpimarrakech2019.com or from the organizing committee of FPI MARRAKESH 2019, information, promotions, commercial proposals or all types of messages. their partners by sending e-mail or sms directly from their business partners. The buyer will be able to unsubscribe as soon as he wishes.

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